Stylish Wedding Ideas with Decorative Bird Cages

Published: 17th March 2011
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There are several decoration ideas to make your wedding memorable and increase its visual charm. While planning for the wedding decorations, make sure that the wedding decor are in accordance with the wedding theme. You can use specifically designed wedding decorations or use simple decorative items that can be dresses up accordingly.

Apart from other decoration pieces, wedding bird cages serves as a best medium for many proposes. They are easily available, small, and attractive and do not take much space. This is the reason why most wedding planners use them alone or in combination with other wedding accessories.

Different styles of bird cages are used as per the wedding theme. Usually Small White Round Wedding Bird Cage and Large White Round Wedding Bird Cage are used in weddings.

Decorating a wedding bird cage:

A wedding bird cage can be decorated in many ways. Below is the most popular method of decorating them:

Take a white round bird cage. Repaint it, to give it a fresh look. You can also paint it according to your wedding color theme.

Sprinkle some glitter on it and let it dry.

Take a colored ribbon and wrap it all around the wires of the cage.

Wrap silver ribbon around the base of cage.

Add some flowers on the top of the cage.

Make a ribbon bow and glue it on the top of the cage.

Place some colorful petals and table crystals all around the cage.

Using the wedding bird cages:

A wedding bird cage can add more sparkle and life to your wedding decoration. Below are some ways to use bird cages as decorative items for wedding.

Wedding Card Box: A large wedding bird cage can be used to keep the cards and money presented during the ceremony. It can be placed at the reception table or gift table.

Wedding Table Centerpiece: Wedding bird cages offer a cost-effective way to decorate your wedding table. A centerpiece of decorative bird cage with flowers wrapped around it gives a romantic touch to the table.

Wedding favors: Favors are small gifts given to guest at the end of ceremony. They are a symbol of thanksgiving statement from the couple to their guests. Favors presented in decorative bird cages reflects more humble attitude. You can allure your guests by presenting candies in beautiful bird cages.

Welcome: A hanging lighted bird cage is great attraction for the guests at the reception.

Gift Box: A large wedding bird cage can be used to place the wedding gifts received by the bride and groom.

Chocolate and cupcakes holder: Small cupcakes and wedding chocolates placed in decorative bird cages for weddings catches the attention of children as well as adults.

Colorful Scented Candles: Small decorative bird cages for wedding can be used to place colorful scented candles. This will add a more charming look to your wedding table.

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